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Anina Schuh

Anina Schuh

Process Manager

As Process Manager I ensure that all our internal processes run smoothly, so that we can offer our candidates and clients the best possible service. I enjoy working at Transport Talent because I identify with their mission of finding perfect matches between candidates and clients, and because I enjoy working in such an inclusive, international and authentic team. Knowing that every day we support people in finding exciting career opportunities is a wonderful feeling, and it is great to know how earnestly and enthusiastically the entire team works together towards this goal.

My Day

At Transport Talent every day is different, which makes my work here so exciting. Nonetheless, I want to share some insights into what a typical day may include as Process Manager at Transport Talent.


I get to work every day at 7:40 am. This way I am in the office before everyone else and can get a head start on reading emails and making a checklist of the things that need to get done today. That being said, I know that a million different things will pop up on my desk throughout the day, which is also why having a list of tasks and their priorities is a crucial part of my job.

After replying to emails, mostly from candidates or clients, I dedicate myself to ongoing development projects. This may include anything that requires changes to the website or the CRM system. For new and more complex feature we work with freelance developers. I coordinate the project with them and check their work. Many other things we can do declaratively ourselves, which is also included in my job. Therefore I am responsible for creating new content and adding the information to the new features on the website.
Changes in the CRM are also largely done in-house, which is a core part of my role as Process Manager



The CRM system is an important part of my day. We constantly improve our processes and try to show our talent acquisition experts the most relevant information at a glance. This is why we need to constantly add new features and fields to the CRM, as well as to make sure that they are used correctly. After all, these features will only work if data quality remains high and we have all the necessary information. That is why after implementing important changes to the CRM system I write short briefs on how to use them and how they help our recruiters with their work.

Another important part of my job is marketing. Thanks to our two new wonderful colleagues I can focus on the statistical aspects of marketing, rather than creating the content. This means I analyse how our posts are receives, which type of information does well and how we can continue to increase our reach. I create strategies for this and consult with my colleagues about this. We are a close team and often work together on coming up with new and fun ideas to show people what Transport Talent does, and most importantly how Transport Talent can support people in the transport and logistics sector to develop their career.
Of course during this time I usually also add my lunch break, to regain energy for the rest of the day



Throughout the day a variety of other tasks will surely have come up. These have been added to my to-do list and have been ranked by priority like everything else. Depending on their urgency I squeeze them in at other points of the day, but if possible I like to have them all clustered at once, so I can go over my to-do list and tick of tasks one by one.
Most certainly some recruiting will be involved, though since it is a major part of the work this will most likely have been added in at a previous part of the day.
Other tasks may include anything from trademark to researching new possible country locations or liaising with other country offices about any changes they would want to include on our website or the CRM system.

Just past 4pm I tend to be done for the day, another benefit of starting early. This way I can still enjoy some of that "famous" Hamburg weather, which mostly means biking home in the rain.


You can reach our international team in Hamburg by phone at +49 40 53 799 1400 or by mail at

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