You can reach our international team in Hamburg by phone at +49 40 53 799 1400 or by mail at

Anne Voigt Kjær

Anne Voigt Kjær

Anne Voigt Kjær

Digital Marketing Specialist

As a Digital Marketing Specialist I focus on updating all of our social media and our website to make sure everything is up to date. This means that I help ensure that we as a company always are as visible as possible to new potential talented professionals and employers. I enjoy working with such an international team where it is possible to self develop but also help develop the company. It is great knowing that we are helping people finding career opportunities and helping companies find their perfect talented professional.

My Day

My day here at Transport Talent tend to vary a bit. I always come to the office at 8am and leave at 5pm Monday-Thursday. On Fridays I come in at 8am and leave at 2.30pm. Since I am an intern as a Digital Marketing Specialist it is my job to update of our social media profiles. My current focus point is Instagram and LinkedIn. Even though I am in the marketing department, it is important as an intern that I learn a lot of different stuff. I am an intern under the danish PIU-program, which means that there are a few different things that I have to learn and work with.


The first thing I do when I meet at the office is to check my to-do list for the day that I always make.

In this time period I focus on creating new Instagram posts, coming up with new ideas and scheduling for the time ahead. Besides that I do researching for our LinkedIn profilde and create LinkedIn posts for our page there



My hours after lunch varies a bit but I usually help with something on our website such as writing knowledge articles or, since I am danish, I make sure everything on our danish website is translated correct.

In this time period I help Michel and Anina with whatever they need me to do. Otherwise I go down to the meeting room with my marketing colleague Anika where we come up with new ideas or work on our web app. Any spare time is usually spend on researching for articles or improving our website/social media profiles.


You can reach our international team in Hamburg by phone at +49 40 53 799 1400 or by mail at

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